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Ember Down Goose Down Jacket.   

Thigh length : Classic Colours   

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Sure, you can stuff gobs of goose down into a jacket all day long and you’ll have a glorious Antarctic parka, but if you use just a little less goose down, you’ll have a warm jacket, ideal for mild weather in Spring or Autumn…except it’ll weigh practically nothing and stuff down so tiny that it’ll practically disappear.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Goosedown Jacket.

Rather than using goose down for snowy winters, we have been pushing the lightweight boundaries to make jackets as light as a t-shirt, but warmer than a heavy fleece, allowing you to pack even lighter and smaller than ever. We have recently had some customers on an Arctic trip and their feedback was that the jackets performed way better than they expected ! They thought that the "Lightweight" would mean more fashionable than warm, it turned out their jackets kept the Arctic winds well at bay ;-)    (Thank you Karen !).


Goose Down: Super Comfy, warm and light.

  • Durable water-repellent coating.
  • Designed to travel with you, in a very small carrying pouch.
  • 2 hand pockets, for your hands/valuebles.
  • Totally machine washable.
  • Fitted design for a streamlined look.
  • Flares a tad, at mid-thigh.
  • Ends between your knees and bum.
  • Contoured round collar.
  • More relaxed fit for easy movement.
  • Matte finish.
  • Goose Down fill - natural superior fill-power.
  • Hypo-allergenic treated fill.
  • Guaranteed zips.


Why We Love It

Our down jacket is now even more versatile thanks to innovative new insulation and shell materials. Innovative Nylon fabric features the tightest weave around for good durability.

PLEASE NOTE : We do not exchange sizes 4XL and higher, unless it is a factory fault. Please make sure your measurements are correct.

Down Jackets
Jacket Thickness of fill We offer two levels of thickness in our fill: Please note, this is a difficult attribute to assess objectively. Every person experiences a certain temperature differently depending on where you are acclimatised and even your personal body type. • South African Fill : Good for the normal winters experienced in South Africa. Having said that, we live in Ficksburg. It gets REALLY cold here. • European Winter Fill : This fill is for travellers to Europe or the US during their winter months (or people living in Ficksburg......).

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