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Our soap was born from us not being able to find a soap which does not dry our skins out, or something which does not contain a multitude of unpronounceable chemicals.

So, the good news is, we have formulated a FABULOUS soap, using only natural ingredients. 

The soap has a wonderful. silky-soft body feel and it does what it should : clean you. However, it also nourishes your skin and moisturises while cleaning. You should not feel any of that dry-skin sensation when using grocery soaps.

Benefits of Glycerin Soap:

·       Glycerin is a moisturiser: Glycerin is a wonderful moisturiser that works perfectly on both areas of my skin: dry and oily. The way glycerin works is by drawing water molecules and sealing them in. It does its job so well that if you were to put a drop of pure glycerin on your tongue it would create a blister, so don’t do that. But washing your face with a glycerin facial bar will get rid of the oils and impurities that can clog your skin, without getting rid of the natural oils your face needs to stay beautiful.

·       Glycerin facial bar is great for acne and sensitive skins. Glycerin is a wonderful help for those with acne prone and sensitive skin. It gets rid of impurities and oil without over drying skin, which is the problem with soap that contain salicylic acid. These products usually get rid of impurities and oils, but leave your face feeling like stretched rubber, which only prompts your skin to create more oil, creating more pimples, etc…You get the picture.

·       Eczema and psoriasis Because glycerin soap doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it is a great option for those with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. However, make sure you are buying the PURE glycerin kind. There are some brands that contain more than glycerin even though they advertise as being pure.

·       Wrinkles and stretch marks Keeping your skin moisturized is the secret to keeping healthy skin, which will help you prevent premature wrinkling and stretch marks. So glycerin is also wonderful to keep you looking youthful!


·       And the best part is that glycerin soaps are relatively cheap and we are so easy to find !!!!


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