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Our Therapy pillows are safe alternatives for the traditional hot-water bottles or electrical heating pad, for pain relief and general warmth and comfort.

Filled with durable buckwheat and fragrant Essential Oils; a welcome companion when you wish for a snuggly, affectionate warmth close to your body.

Use an Ember Down Therapy Pillow for:
Back Pain
Neck and Shoulder Tension
Muscular Aches
Joint Pain
Abdominal Cramps
Headaches and Migraines
General Comfort and Relaxation

Pop in your microwave for 3 minutes on high.
The heat releases the aroma of our Essential Oils.
Position the Ember Down Therapy Pillow where you experience discomfort.
Repeat as necessary.

We use vibrant and cheerful cotton-blends to cover our Ember Down Therapy Pillows. Sometimes the exact fabric is not available as in the pictures, but it is always a beautiful sight  for the eyes!

Available in 3 gorgeous fragrances:

Proudly made in South Africa.

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