Cup Face Mask (3 layer, 100% Pure Cotton)

Brand: Ember Down
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Made from our 100%  cotton, with a wrap-around elastic for going around the head, not behind the ears.

We currently make a double sided fabric mask, with an added pocket for potentially 4 layers of protection. The pocket can be used to add a disposable filter. We recommend two sheet of toilet paper in high-use environments and replacing the filter often, washing your hands before and after this operation.

These masks are fully machine washable and the integrity of the cotton is especially woven to withstand MANY washes.

  • Made with 100% Cotton.
  • Cup design,
  • 3 sewn fabric layers,
  • Machine washable,
  • Fully reusable,
  • One-size fits all,
  • Cut generously for added facial protection,
  • elastic ear attachments for comfortable fit.

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