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Duvet Inners
Duvet Warmth The warmth of a duvet depends on the Type (Down or Feathers) and the Thickness of filling. At Ember Down we cater for All the Seasons of the year. We have a Summer, Autumn, Winter and All-Seasons filling. This is the indication of how heavy we have made the filling; thus the Summer filling is our lightest and would be the correct choice for a duvet in the Highveld during summer. As all of us experience our environment in a unique manner, it would be impossible to give an exact recommendation as to which filling weight would you where you stay. Thinking of the temperature one will be using the duvet in is very useful. Therefore I have included the table below. I believe it is a better decision assistance tool. I have also included the TOG values but that is a measure I have never really related to; I mean who walks around discussing the TOG – really. Fill weight Suitable for ambient temperature grade: TOG value Summer 20oC to 8oC 4.5 Autumn 10oC to -5oC 10 Winter -2oC to -16oC 15 and up. Our Winter fill is VERY warm. All-Seasons 20oC to -16oC 4.5 to >15 Table 1. (Please note: We equalise the two different fillings: Pure Goose Down and Down/Feather mix so that their isolative properties/season is equivalent.) As a guideline, if you live in Johannesburg, the All-Seasons would be first prize. You may as well donate all your blankets to your favourite charity (or chat to us – we do blanket distribution) as the Ember Down All-Seasons duvet will keep you comfortable in any of South Africa’s temperatures. In Ficksburg we regularly hit -13oC in winter and we only use our All-Seasons. We have even switched off our underfloor heating (it was waaay too expensive) and Sharon does not even need her electric blanket any more. So you would use the Summer fill in summer and as things cool down, you would switch to your Autumn fill on the bed. When winter knocks on the door, add the Summer and Autumn together with their attached heavy-duty press-studs. This is then the equivalent of a Winter fill (actually a smidgeon warmer due to the additional fabric layers). You physically cannot be cold under an Ember Down Four-Seasons or Winter duvet in winter.
Duvet Type of Fill Types of Filling: Summary Pure Goose Down is fabulously soft, light and more expensive. The Down/Feather mix is more affordable and a tad heavier. Both do what it says on the label: it keeps you warm. It really depends on what you want to spend. Discussion Choosing between the two types of filling is a bit of a head-scratcher. Pure Goose Down Down Feather Mix Weight Down is much lighter than Feathers. Part of the allure of an Ember Down Pure Goose Down duvet is the weight – or rather the lack of weight. Often for ladies, this is a crucial aspect to consider. You just to not have that heavy feeling on top of you when you sleep. The Mix is heavier than the Pure Down but we are talking feathers here – it is still very light. Softness Pure Down is so soft when one is not accustomed to the feel, you would wonder if there is actually anything in there. The Mix contains the smallest of feathers and one is able to discern the little feather shaft when rubbing the content between your fingers. Having said that, at Ember Down we do not cut up the wing feathers to add volume. We only use the very small feather found on the tummy of the goose. Washability 100% Machine Washable Durability Apart from the fill, both duvet types are made with exactly the same care. They should, given the same treatment, last equally long. Price Excellent Ember Down Pure Goose Down is more expensive due to its quality and scarcity. Down is globally an expensive commodity also noted for its extreme durability. The Mix is more economical as one gets a good bit more Feathers from a Goose than Down. We however are finicky on the type of feather we use. We only use the small feather (also called a Down Feather) and not any of the other feathers with the hard shafts. This ensures a duvet that does not rustle when you use it.

Ember Down Goose Down duvet inner.

Our Goose Down duvet does what it says ; it is not 99% pure Goose Down, it is 100% pure - we ensure that by a hand-selection process. You buy a duvet that is put together with immense care and precision. Our quality is unsurpassed - we know, we personally supervise and inspect every single duvet that leave Ember Down.

Fill Weight choice:

Fill weight

Suitable for ambient temperature grade:

TOG value


20oC to 8oC



10oC to -5oC



-2oC to -16oC

15 and up. Our Winter fill is VERY warm.


20oC to -16oC

4.5 to >15

Hypoallergenic and machine washable : together with our commitment to quality, these attributes are what makes an Ember Down duvet simply the best money can buy. We like to think that your grandchildren will still sleep under these - and still smile just before they fall asleep.


  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% down
  • The best cotton down-proof casing
  • Triple stiched
  • Hand made in South Africa

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