Slippers : Booty

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Brand: Ember Down
Product Code: Slippers : Booty. Stuffed with pure down.
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The absolute, undisputed best pair of SLIPPERS in the world !


We stuff them with Goose Down and that is the secret - not just a little bit of Goose Down - a lot ! This makes even Sharon happy on a tile floor, in Ficksburg and in Winter ! We have gone down to -16 degrees and these SLIPPERS have kept Sharon's feet snug and warm.

Please select from the range of colours we have and we shall send them to you.    

We currently offer the SLIPPERS in : Camel, Taupe, Lime Green, Soft Pink, Cerise Pink, Burnt Orange, Turquoise Blue, Sky Blue, Olive Green, Chocolate Brown and Black. 

Please Note : Sometimes colours vary according to different electronic screens. We have given them names (or rather Sharon has, I have no clue what Taupe means) that generally corresponds with an accepted norm for the colour. Should you feel hesitant, give us a call and we can discuss.

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