Boudoir Bed & Bath products

Our complete range is made by us. 

Using the best of natural oils and base ingredients.

NOTHING is tested on animals - only members of our family.

Our products are made to pamper and enhance life.

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Bath Bombs

A bath should be a fantastic experience. It should evoke memories....It should make you relax.....It..

Bath Crystals

Boudoir's Bath Crystals, help to nourish, firm and tone skin while providing antioxidant protec..

Body Butter

Ideal for all skin types, this natural body butter absorbs easily to help keep skin soft and supple..

Body Scrub

Our natural body scrub, made with all natural, pure botanical ingredients with leave you with a head..

Massage Oil

We tend to think of only getting massages from a therapist on special occasions. But you can treat y..

Natural Glycerin Soap

Our soap was born from us not being able to find a soap which does not dry our skins out, or somet..

Therapy Pillow



Our Therapy pillows are safe alternatives for the traditional hot-water bottles or electrical..
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