Washing your Ember Down Goosedown Jacket

Cleaning your Ember Down Goosedown Jacket

All our products are fully machine washable, this includes our Jackets.

1. Use your normal clothes detergent – WITHOUT fabric softener.

2. It is best to close all the zips.

3. Wash in your washing machine on normal cycle. Full cycle including spin dry.

4. Tumble dry for about 30 minutes if your have a machine. If not fluff the garment a bit to loosen out the filling.

5. Hang in the shade, on a clothes hanger and fluff out the garment a few times as it dries.

6. When cork-dry, it is ready to wear again.

For stubborn stains, we use Vanish directly onto the mark, let it stand for about 30 minutes, rinse the Vanish out and then pop it into the washing machine for the cycle above.