Delivery Information

We deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Literally anywhere.

We use a door-to-door service and subsidize the cost, to make it more affordable for you.

Please note, we are in the middle of the sticks, so it may take a day longer to get to you.

Generally, we deliver within 2 days to the major cities, such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Some of the smaller areas do not have daily deliveries and those are the ones where our delivery is not as speedy as we would have preferred. But hey! It still gets delivered! To your door!  Please note, sometimes an order component is not in stock and then we have to manufacture. This is what we do: We make Goosey Goodies with lotsa love, but love takes time. Not lotsa time but some. So while most of our products are carried as stock items, seasonal demand or just some issue may cause us to not have what you desire to be in stock. Please bear with us, the machines are humming and we are producing your goodies right here in South Africa.