How to take care of your duvet

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  • Jul 23, 2017
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The hardest part has been taken care of by the Geese - they have eaten natural pastures filled with all the goodies they need to produce the finest down and feathers on the planet. This will ensure your duvet content will last for a very long time.

We realise how rushed one's life can be and have combined the very latest in manufacturing technology into the duvets and pillows: the end result is a product that you can wash directly in your washing machine and tumble dryer. No more hand washing required!!!

To help keep your purchase in mint condition we recommend the following process for an Ember Down duvet or pillow:

  • Use your washing machine on cold cycle; you may use the normal detergent that you use on your clothes.
  • Please do NOT add fabric softener, it damages the down-fibre.
  • The spin cycle is good to use.
  • After washing pop it into your tumble dryer - on COOL - and tumble (maybe 30 minutes or so) for a while until you feel it is dry. At this stage the duvet or pillow may still contain a minute amount of moisture.
  • Finally put the duvet/pillow on the washing line in full sun for a day or so until cork-dry and your product should be as good as new!


Our duvets/pillows can withstand many, many wash cycles but it is really not necessary - wash the duvet cover or pillow cases regularly and typically you would wash your duvet or pillow once a year or when a mishap happens - like when a Scottish Terrier with muddy feet uses the bed to clean up ;-)


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