Ember Down is Hypoallergenic

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  • May 09, 2017
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ALL our products are correctly prepared, washed and treated to be Hypoallergenic. 

We take great care to ensure that our products offer comfort to all.


This is an issue raised sometimes by prospective buyers of a down product. At Ember Down the process to take the raw filling to a world-class filling, takes a full 3 weeks. We are meticulous with our preparation, washing and treating - this provides us with the confidence to state that all of the concerns raised by the hesitant, can be answered thus : Most people who think they are allergic to down, carry this perception from their youth, having slept under duvets made by granny or a loved aunt. The problem here is the technology available to them,was not advanced enough yet to fully treat and sterilize the filling, resulting in filling that eventually did cause allergies. These days, a premium Ember Down product is filled with pristine down and/or feathers - all we use is the down/feather fibre, there are absolutely no residual body fluids, fibres or any other biological matter other than the luxurious down or feather structure in our products.


We have on many occasions proved this to people suffering from hayfever, sinus or even asthma. They have breathed through an Ember Down pillow or duvet with no effect ! 


. . . wrap your dreams in Ember Down ! You will looooove the effect a good night's sleep, has on the quality improvement of your life.



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