Choosing your Pillow

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  • May 07, 2017
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Choosing a pillow is a somewhat interesting exercise.
At Ember Down we cater for every possible taste. Apart from the Body Pillows and various other decorative pillows, we have 9 types of pillow in each of the Super King, Super Queen, King or Standard pillow size.
Let’s talk size first. We have a Super King (190cm x 50cm), Super Queen (150cm x 50cm), King (90cm x 50 cm and the Standard (70cm x 45cm) pillows.
  • The Super range fit across the bed in one pillow. It looks beautiful and displays well. If you have a partner, you may be affected by their movements during the night.
  • The King pillow fills the width of a bed with two pillows and is a truly comfortable size pillow on the larger mattress sizes. There are no spaces between the two sets of pillows and therefore it displays well.
  • The Standard pillow size is that what most of us are familiar with. They work and are easier to keep clean and wash.
Fill type
    Ember Down makes pillows with 3 different types of filling:
    • Pure Down
    • In general, Down is a very soft type of filling. It offers less support than the other fillings and make up for this with its luxurious softness. This filling is for the more finicky/fussy sleeper.
    • Layered
      • Our Layered pillows have 3 Layers built into the pillow – in effect 3 separate pillows in 1. The content can never mix as we have fabric separating the fillings. In the middle we have fine Goose Feathers; this is what creates the lift and support. The outsides are stuffed with a thick layer of Down. This is what you feel on your skin and is what gives these pillows a similar body feel to the down pillows but with more support.
    • Down/Feather mix
      • These are our traditional pillows and we fill them with the smallest of Goose Feathers. This lessens the uneven feeling one gets when rubbing the outside of a Down/Feather mix pillow. We do not use cut up wing feathers or other large feathers – that is why an Ember Down mix pillow is still fabulously soft.
    Fill Density
    Here we offer 3 levels of comfort: Soft, Medium and Firm density of fill.
    • Soft Fill
      • This filling type is really very soft/yielding and generally fits very small frame people or those of us who wrestle with their pillows at night.
    • Medium Fill
      • Squarely in the middle of the Norm curve and in general our most popular fill across the range. It usually also works for people with spinal issues or stiff necks (especially in the Layered), as the support offered is appreciable whilst still yielding under the weight of your head.
    • Firm Fill
      • Those of us who really want to have support would go for this pillow; it would also work for large frame people. The Down fill does yield more than the Feather mix fill – the last is really a firm pillow and needs some convincing before they yield.
    • Extra-Firm Fill
      • Bizarrely enough we do have demand for these and make them on request. Brick walls and this fellow have a lot in common. Usually in Feather mix only.
      Really the only way to be sure about the pillow that is right for you is to give it a huge body hug. The pillow that makes you smile is usually the correct pillow and removes all the technical things involved in choosing a proper pillow.
      Come on in to any of our Ember Down shops and try them out !
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